10 Things You Did'nt Know About Jimin From BTS

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Prepare for a shocker as we bring you 10 things you didn’t know about BTS member, Jimin.
The South Korean band, BTS is well known for contributing over $ billion to the South Korean economy and becoming the first-ever Kpop band to top US charts as well as achieving legend status on Sept. 24, 2018, when the band delivered a heartfelt speech at the General Assembly in New York.
As a member of BTS, Park Ji Min constantly proves his worth as one of the band’s lead vocalists and frontline dancers in every BTS performance.
Everyone knows it must be really hard hiding anything about yourself when you’re part of the world’s biggest boy band, the Bangtan Boys. It’s ancient news that RM is the leader of the group, that Jungkook’s the ‘Golden Maknae,’ that J-Hope’s the band's exquisite dancer and that Jimin is the lovely Aegyo (cutie) of the band that doesn’t hesitate to display his impressive physique to fans.

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