23 Year Old Ayesha Recorded Video Before Jumping into Sabarmati River

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A woman identified as Ayesha ended her life by jumping into the Sabarmati river at the Riverfront side in Ahmedabad. She recorded an emotional video on her phone, one that has gone viral, before jumping into the river and said that she was ending her life out of her own will and nobody had forced her to do it. Her body was recovered from the Riverfront by police and fire safety department officials. A case has been registered and probe is underway. Ayesha's father Liaquat Ali said she got married to Arif Khan and since marriage, her in-laws started demanding dowry from her.
"A few months ago, Arif sent Ayesha back to my place after a fight. He also stopped talking to her over the phone. Unable to bear the pain, she decided to kill herself", Ayesha's Father said.

Disclaimer: Mojo cannot independently verify the story.

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