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It's speedrun time everyone! This time we're not gonna destroy a single troop with an entire army tho. We gonna try something different. We will speedrun defeat 45 barbarians using 280 housing space worth of troops. This time is not gonna be the same like speedrunning or Golem because each troops will facing not 1 but 45 barbarians at the same time and remember the number of troops matter. Who's gonna win this speedrun? Let's see!

Barbarian is the most basic troops in Clash of Clans. At the very beginning when you play Clash of Clans you gonna use 20 barbarians to invade goblin maps. Barbarian is by no mean a weak troops but we can agree that 1 barbarian is not strong at all in fact can't do anything significant. But if we talk about numbers of barbarians that's a different story. 25 Barbarians can easily defeat a with ease and imagine what 300 barbarians can do against other ground troops?. On real battle we not gonna battling against other troops tho it's defenses that matter the most. Barbarians is pretty mediocre when it come to attack player base. He can survive a small damage but with one scattershot they all basically done with one blow.

All Troops will participate in this speedrun trying to be the fastest troop to defeat 45 barbarians. 45 Barbarians to be sure will giving single attacking unit like or golem suffer and cost them a lot of time. What about valkyrie and wizard? Will they continue their rivalry on speedrun? Who's gonna win this time? Let's see!

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