5 MUST KNOW PvP Tips for Destiny 2

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In Destiny PvP, many players focus primarily on developing their aim, weapon selections, and overall loadouts. These are important factors of course, but what about making things harder for your opponent?

This video shares 5 tips to help you throw off your opponent in PvP to improve your KD and win more games. If you add these elements to your gameplay, you'll become a much more difficult target for your opponents in Destiny Crucible.

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5 Essential PvP Tips for Destiny 2

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0:00 What Makes A Good Player?
1:39 Tip #1 Use your advantage
3:28 Tip #2 Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer
8:24 Tip #3 Baiting
11:10 Tip #4 Destiny is a Deck-Builder… among other things
12:52 Tip #5 Perks make a difference
14:55 Learn about the Chirp wheels
15:40 Tip #6 (BONUS!)

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