7 times Rocket League actually listened to the Community

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Ask any developer what is the worst thing about making games and the answer is probably going to be "the players". Well obviously not all players. But gaming communities these days are an entitled and often unreasonable bunch that seem to think they know more than the people actually working on the game. One only has to look at the replies to any official Rocket League Twitter tweet to see that this community is no different. Now players can have a positive effect on a game, and from time to time they do come up with things that make a game better. Whether it be discovering hacks and glitches, quality of life suggestions, or just general ideas to expand and improve the product, the Rocket League community has had a small part in making this game what it is today. In this video I will discuss seven times the community's suggestions were cited by Psyonix as the main reason behind a change or addition. From cosmetic changes and ranked rewards to actual game additions, map removals and new modes, we have left our mark on this game.

Map Cinematic Footage courtesy of FlashForce4000

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