90s HH-Destiny's Child, Aqua, and MORE!

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Sorry guys, the first upload (idk what happened) but my sound got all funky. LETS TRY THIS AGAIN SHALL WE

Whasssup you clowns my name is Emily and I'm a certified PT, group fitness instructor, and creator of EMK HIIT

Just over here trying to make working out a little less awful and a lot more FUN. We'll chat, get fit, build butts, etc, but we'll always keep it REAL.

Check out my other platforms for more workouts and live classes!

Instagram: @emkfit
Twitch: emkfit

PSA. I do not own any copyrights to any music. I wanna make workouts fun and accessible. And that includes of course using popular music. I cannot make money off of these so therefore I cannot control the ads. Ill do my best. Ads will come up, but we won't let that stop us. Every time an ad comes up. HOLD either a squat or a push up until the workouts resume. I DARE YOU.

1. (Warm Up) "Wanna Be"-Spice Girls
2. "Jumpin Jumpin"-Destiny's Child
3. "Gonna Make You Sweat"-C+C Factory Music, Dexter and Gold, G! Mix Edit
4. "Baby Got Back"-Sir Mix A Lot
5. "Barbie Girl"-Aqua
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