A surprise for the mother who spent thousands feeding children when schools closed

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and Ashley HomeStore are teaming up every week to bring you some good news during Feel Good Friday!

We want to thank people in our community with random acts of kindness and leave you feeling good.

We recently received an email about a woman living in Shelley named Missy Poulsen. It said:

I know a lady who is always literally one of the first people to step up to help anyone in a time of need.

This particular time she has been buying, packaging and handing out 400 breakfast and lunches a day to the children and elder of Shelley. She started doing this because she saw a very high need for it and the school wasn’t starting their meals for kids until March 30. So she was going to bridge the gap.

She has three teenage kids and has been going everywhere trying to find enough food. She then sets up and packs all the lunches in her living room with her little family’s help. She asks for volunteers to help her hand out the lunches at several different places in Shelley and she’ll even deliver them if the person has no way to get to the pick up locations.

It hasn’t been easy for her to do this very generous thing. She has had people take pictures of her at Sam’s Club and say nasty things to her at stores because they see her buying so much and assume she’s hoarding food when that’s the farthest from the truth.

Missy is a real-life hero to so many people in her community. There are so many more instances of her serving others that I’d be here all day writing this if I don’t stop at these ones.

Missy did bridge the gap for a few weeks until the Shelley School District could start serving meals. We wanted to thank her for Feel Good Friday and surprised her at her home. Watch the video above to see what happened!

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