[Arcade] Asterix Hard All

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Space up your inputs a bit to perform a three hit combo ending with uppercut. Don't mash the button. Enemies are back vulnerable.

Use your grabs wisely, throw them in others.
Wind up punch delivers 3 hit damage.
Throws deliver 1 hit damage.

Small romans require 3 or 4 hits to die, fat captains 7 hits and the other big guys 8 hits. Basically a three hit combo or a wind up punch plus a throw.

The big guys on stage 4 and 7 can counter even your wind up punch if you go frontal.

Boxed Romans - don't go frontals because you'll break your hand after your uppercut and they'll stab you. Go up screen.
Wizard - 6 back hits. Don't grab him after. Just
Boat slaves - Charged punch on the bongos guy first. Keep a specific distance or he will get you. He's really fast. The wip guy is easy, do back combos.
Gipsy boss - 6 back hits, grab him after for more damage because he gets up counter attacking anyways. Grabs on bosses do 4 hit damage. But if you grab the bosses they'll have a short invincibility
Bull - 9 back hits. Keep a short distance or he will hit you anyways.
Magic carpet - A well placed wind up punch, which will hit the snake will do 5 hit damage. Just stay up
Tiger - 6 back hits.
Boxer - A well placed wind up punch. He can dodge or counter everything else.
Boxed Romans - similar to the others.
Gladiators - You can wind up punch them in a loop.
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