Better Than Sex 【 Ghostrunner : HITLESS Speedrun (IL) / No Resets / World First 】

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Incredibly fun game to speedrun.

** Important note: The ENTIRE gameplay was made completely on my own without leeching off strats from anyone. (including the speed tech)
I don't like scouting, because I see challenges also as sort of puzzles that we must figure out on our own. To me personally it equals cheating and invalidates the gameplay's integrity.
Completely fine if you play competitively of course, which I have no intention due to the nature of my content and schedule.

For the same reason you'll very likely see me doing some segments that you might've seen other runners doing a lot faster (or vice versa).
While there were some safety precautions taken in some parts, I did my best to keep the integrity of making each stage feel like an actual speedrun.

------------------------------------------ Timestamp ---------------------------------------------

00:00 - Intro
01:38 - An Awakening
03:30 - A Look Inside
08:09 - The Climb
14:52 - Jacked Up
18:31 - Breath In
26:22 - Road to Amida
34:09 - Run-up
35:55 - The Gatekeeper
39:08 - Dharma City
41:47 - Echoes
47:08 - Faster
49:49 - In Her Own Image
52:46 - The Forbidden Zone
56:35 - Reign in Hell
01:03:49 - Things You Wouldn't Believe
01:10:35 - The Summit
01:14:50 - The Monster
01:19:46 - Ending


Was played on GOG version:

* "Echoes" stage counts the teleport at the end of the cybervoid segment as death.



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