Casual VS Speedrun in GTAV #15 - Not-So Subtle Shortcuts

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This episode makes GTAV feel like a kart racer - small driving shortcuts all over the place, and some big ones too, along with an awesome car dupe during the heist setups.

Brakeboost/Curbboost Guide:

Movie References video (Episode 2 will probably be my next video):

Then the next episode of Casual VS Speedrun in GTAV will be the final "main" one before we start doing bonus episodes about what strats have changed, and maybe doing a highlight comparison of Speedrun vs Speedierrun of like a 2014 run compared to a 2019 run

So, the softlock in Gauntlets wasn't fully explained it's really hard to explain, but I'll try here. During Gauntlets, if you haven't had the phone call between Davey and Micheal that occurs after The Wrap Up, then there is a high chance of it occurring. You also want to have a phone call between Simeon and Franklin happen, which means turning sleep mode off whenever possible. That Simeon call can happen basically as early as 1-2 hours into the game, though its common to not get it all the way until the start of Lamar Down.

If you don't have either of those calls, the glitch works in that after you deliver a gauntlet, no call to Lester will be made by Franklin. If you continue to do the setup missions at this point, the game will softlock and the Big Score Heist itself will never spawn, and you cannot continue the game (at least, not soon, sometimes it can be fixed but takes 15+ minutes of switching characters a bunch). The glitch can be "prevented" after the first delivery, by switching to Micheal to have the call to Lester made by him instead, and that must be done after the 2nd and 3rd Gauntlet as well as the Stinger Van. This loses nearly 90 seconds in the run when done, so its very unfortunate to have a big timeloss like that at the end of the game. A few months ago it was happening every 1 out of 4 runs it seemed, but the community rallied together to figure out why (the early phonecalls) and now its mostly a thing of the past. We were playing the game faster between missions which meant less time for said calls, hence why it became more and more prevalent.

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I am playing as both the casual player and the speedrunner, so it's like facing against myself with a 10 foot pole. For the casual player, I play the game as if I've watched a GTA V speedrunner play the game once or so, so I know the mission order and where to go between missions, then play the missions as the game instructs you, giving the most shockingly average gameplay you've ever seen.

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♫ GTA V Soundtrack - The Big Score (Subtle)
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