Crash Bandicoot 4 - Run it Bayou 100% - All Gems and Box Locations Walkthrough (YELLOW GEM)

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, 100% walkthrough. All Gems and Boxes. This is the normal version of the level. On the mode, the boxes are all in the same location. The hidden gem is the only item not in it's original location. This includes clear gems and when applicable, colored gems. You get 3 white gems if you acquire 80% of the wumpa fruit (not included in this guide), get one for losing no more than 3 lives. This guide only covers the gems and boxes.

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

Master Marsupial (Platinum)
Get EVERY trophy

Taking the Side Road (Bronze)
Complete a Bonus Path

The Whole Picture (Silver)
Complete all Timelines

Putting Things In Perspective (Bronze)
Complete any Timeline

Fleet of Feet (Bronze)
Play a game of Checkpoint Race

Settle the Score (Bronze)
Play a game of Crate Combo

Like a Rhinestone Bandicoot (Bronze)
Earn half of the Clear Gems

King of Bling (Silver)
Earn ALL of the Clear Gems

No It’s MY Turn (Bronze)
Complete a level with Pass N. Play enabled

Ladies First (Bronze)
Complete a level as Coco

Model Test Subject (Bronze)
Earn any Flashback Relic

Closing the Experiment Log (Silver)
Earn ALL of the platinum Flashback Relics

Faster Than a Tortoise (Bronze)
Earn any Time Trial Relic

Faster Than Sound (Silver)
Earn ALL of the platinum Time Trial Relics

All Gussied Up (Bronze)
Try on a Skin

N. Vincible (Bronze)
Beat a story level without dying

A/V Club Founder (Bronze)
Acquire a Flashback Tape

Tree Droppings (Bronze)
Find the source of the Bumpa Berries

Here Kitty Kitty (Bronze)
Scare the cat hiding from a party

Give 'Em a Broadside! (Bronze)
Aim and fire!

Bad Signs (Bronze)
Do some target practice

Junkyard Jams (Bronze)
Make music in an unlikely place

WOAH YEAH! (Bronze)
Grabbed a bushel of Bumpa

Silence the Scientist (Bronze)
Shut N. Brio up

Megaphoning It In (Bronze)
Shut N. Gin up

Hammer it Home (Bronze)
Make some noise!

Channel Surfer (Bronze)
Spend some time surfin' the waves
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