Dark Souls speedrun finished UNDER 30 minutes

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After almost 1100 attempts since my last personal best I finally became the first person to finish a Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Any% speedrun under 30 minutes! It was an immense struggle but I am delighted that through overcoming my self-sabotage we finally landed a very good run!

Don't forget that you can catch these runs live over at my Twitch almost every day:

Speedrunning is certainly something where you can learn things about yourself. The entire past month I was attempting to break the 30 minute barrier for the first time after a spree of world records when I picked up the category (which you could have seen here on youtube ????). Due to some reason as soon as I get close to my goal in speedrunning, the grinding mentality kicks in and my performance goes down during the attempts, although in practice things go much better. This is why I feel immense relief as in the past 2 days before this run I was able to get into a very good mental state and started playing extremely clean. This is the result.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and enjoy the run! Up next is going back to All Bosses and finally capturing a 1:03 ????✌️.


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