Dustforce Speedrun Compilation

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NOTE: These runs are very old, from only a couple months after the game had been released. The game has changed a lot since I created this video. For the most up-to-date runs, I recommend buying the game and checking out the leaderboards.

0:00 Downhill
0:25 Valley
1:16 Dusk Run
2:07 Overgrown Temple
2:41 Ascent
3:30 Ancient Garden
4:06 Courtyard
5:16 Knight Hall
6:07 Ramparts
7:44 Tower
8:27 Apartments
9:07 Park
9:54 Forgotten Tunnel
11:03 Scaffolding
11:54 Vats
12:44 Power Room
13:26 Wiring

This is just a compilation of some of my best runs. Hope you like it.

*Regarding Forgotten Tunnel: I did this run before the 2/20/12 patch. Part of this patch fixed a glitch that allowed you to get an SS on certain levels (namely Forgotton Tunnel and Giga Difficult) without clearing all of the dust blocks. Because of this, my replay now shows up as an A/S instead of a S/S. However, I decided to put my run in this compilation anyways because I still practiced the level a lot, and even if the run has a few mistakes, I still put a lot of work into it and I'd hate to just say "oh well they fixed the glitch" and forget about it.
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