Editing a Gloomy Photo in Adobe Lightroom Classic | QE #281

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In this quickedit video I‘m creating a gloomy long exposure photo using #Adobe #Lightroom Classic for the image editing.

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My goal here was to mainly restore details from the shadows and slightly change the overall colors of the photo to give it a subtle blue color cast. Besides that, I also wanted to add a bit of glow in the sky. Since there isn’t any heavy editing going on, I only used Adobe Lightroom Classic and the Nik Collection Plug in here.

1. Basic Adjustments
I started by activating the lens corrections, then I switched the camera profile to Artistic 03 which gives the green foliage a warmer orange color tone. To fix the darkness, I increased the exposure and to prevent overexposure I dropped the highlights. I further increased the shadows and whites for more brightness, then added clarity for a little more detail.

2. Local Adjustments
With two graduated filters a darkened the sky and added more details to the clouds by dropping the exposure and increasing the clarity and the contrast. Another graduated filter was used on the foreground. Again, I slightly dropped the exposure and added some clarity here.

To add the glow effect, I used two radial filters over the bright spot in the sky. Here, I increased the blacks and the whites and reduced the dehaze.

3. Color Grading
In the HSL tab I dropped the green and blue saturation. To get a little color here I added yellow saturation. Finally, for the split toning I simply applied a cold color tone to the shadows.
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