Fallout 76 - Harpoon Guns & Strangler Heart Are Insanely Broken - [Useful PvP Meta?]

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G'day guys this is TYR and today I am bringing you a random Fallout 76 PvP video, showcasing that Strangler Heart Power Armor when combined with explosive-flechette Harpoon Guns are insanely Broken, so leave a like/dislike it lets me know if you enjoyed the video! if you enjoy my content then why not subscribe, it's free! Be sure to also check out the following links down below, these include my Twitter, Discord and Mixer! I also have a link to the channel membership program if you do feel the need to support me on a much larger scale - thank you for checking out my videos and welcome to Valhalla, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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My real name is Tyrone, But I go by TYR, pronounced /tier/ and if you know anything about where that word comes from, then that's a dead give away that I am a bit of a Norse/Nordic fanatic, I'm absolutely infatuated by the history and culture of the Nordic mythology and people, so expect a lot of Viking themes on this channel! I grew up playing many games, but none captivated me the same way the Fallout series did, since I play the games so much I figured why not start recording myself playing? and here we are today.

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