Fallout: New Vegas Any% Speedrun in 12:38 (Without Loads)

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Pretty good, not perfect but good. This game has gotten lower than I ever expected it to.

Real Time: 14:59


Q: Why do you call this without loads, when you quickload a ton?
A: (Without Loads) refers to the timing method, as in the time is with load screens excluded to promote more fair competition since load times vary depending on hardware.

Q: Why is the game in spanish?
A: It's not in spanish, it's in italian. It's in italian because Doc Mitchells intro speech is faster with italian voices.

Q: What is that thing with the revolver?
A: It's a glitch called Reload Dashing. The weapons with a one-by-one bullet reload (.357 Revolver, Cowboy Repeater, Hunting Shotgun etc) has a glitched animation that forces movement after a reload. By unequipping the gun with the pipboy during that animation you can force a great amount of speed for a second as you're putting down the pipboy.

Q: This sucks, a glitchless run would be much more skillful and impressive, right?
A: I disagree, since glitchless is almost the exact same route except you just hold W the entire time. (Video of a glitchless run: )

IGN submission xd

Q: Is this a W O R L D R E C O R D ?? ?
A: Check for community leaderboards. (And also guides etc)

occasional streams happen at
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