Fanmade Victory Themes Vol. 4 | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Master Chief, Eggman, Shantae, Jin, Phoenix Wright, Scorpion, Arle & Carbuncle, Pico, Miku, Kiryu renders by:

Asriel render by:

Klonoa render by:

Mettaton EX render by:

Among Us render by:

Crazy Dave render by:

Madeline render:

Hollow Knight render:

Noob render:

I couldn't find Bubble Bobble Dragon (Bub) source image :(

(If you know the artist let me know in the comments please!)

BTW, the Among Us one is a cover of this one:

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Master Chief
0:31 Captain Toad/Captain Toadette
0:37 Eggman
0:45 Asriel
0:53 Sora
1:01 Klonoa
1:09 Shantae
1:16 Heihachi/Jin
1:26 Mettaton 1
1:34 Phoenix Wright
1:42 Sackboy 1
1:49 Among Us
1:57 Crazy Dave
2:06 Jonesy
2:13 Madeline
2:21 Scorpion
2:30 Kratos
2:39 Sackboy 2
2:47 Arle & Carbuncle
2:55 Boyfriend/Pico
3:04 Mettaton 2
3:13 Miku
3:20 The Knight
3:29 Bob
3:37 Noob
3:45 Kiryu
3:53 Outro
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