Forgotten Realms MTG Spoilers — July 2 | Demilich, Old Gnawbone, Treasures, d20s, Class Enchantments

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Today in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms land we get a crazy mythic Treasure Dragon, a card that might shake up formats like Modern and Legacy, a ton of dice rolling cards, uncommon level up enchantments and more! Let's discuss!

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0:00 Start
0:40 Demilich
4:35 Wizard's Spellbook
7:57 Guardian of Faith
11:03 Delina, Wild Mage
17:11 Dancing Sword
19:52 Barbarian Class
23:20 Xorn
25:56 Old Gnawbone
29:45 Prosper, Tome-Bound
31:32 Deathpriest of Myrkul
32:08 Critical Hit
32:33 Gretchen Titchwillow
33:20 Bag of Holding
33:43 Minimus Containment
34:23 Kalain
34:37 Lurking Roper
35:14 Other Classes
37:48 Commons/Uncommons
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