Google Stadia Locks Up An Exclusive And Was A PS5 Game Randomly Leaked Early? | News Wave

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Google Stadia has been in search of exclusives and it looks like Google is following through with their timed exclusives announcing a deal with Devolver Digital to keep a game off of the PS4 and Xbox One until 2021. Last night a company related to Sony decided to post an image and message on Instagram mentioning a game that is not yet announced or revealed but has been speculated about being a PS5 game for some time now.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Start

1:08 - G2A Admits Selling Stolen Codes

2:59 - Monolith Soft Confirms New Game

4:04 - Nintendo Repair Centers Reopening

4:59 - Gran Turismo 7 Leaked

10:25 - Original Xbox Online Coming Back

12:50 - Stadia Gets Timed Exclusive Game

14:38 - New Game + Expo

16:19 - Comment Of The Day

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