GOP Leader Says Confederate Statue Removal Is Just Like Racism

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Republican Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy said he supports legislation to remove Confederate statues in the Capitol because they’re “statues of Democrats.” Oh boy. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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SAM SEDER: Here's Kevin they get so twisted about how they're going to you know how they deal with the ongoing racism that is the republican party and and it's not just the the racism because there we have racism throughout society um that we all regardless of of who we are have some measure of racism that is embedded inside us that we deal with it is that the republican party embraces this racism and leverages this racism and nurtures this racism not just in themselves but they want to in society but they get their they they they get tied up when they actually have to do something uh directly about it because then they don't want to own the racism they just want to practice the racism what was it they they just voted to remove confederate statues in the um in congress capital and uh the capitol building in in its environment and uh of course frankly it's weird that there were confederate statues there in the first place they lost um and uh they were they were launching a direct assault on these institutions back there but uh you know the president was assassinated johnson became president he was a jerk and then of course there was a growth of the kkk in this country i imagine mostly statues went up uh considerably after the end of the civil war probably after reconstruction it was as we have spoken to many scholars on this topic a way of reasserting white power in this country to put up these statues 120 republicans voted against it but you know it was uh democrats who were the racists

MCCARTHY: 160 years ago is a fighting time of our nation the greatest challenge ever to our constitution was a civil war long and by far the bill we're voting on today we voted before and i supported it i support it now

But let me state a simple fact all the statues being removed by this bill are statues of democrats madam speaker as i heard the speaker talk earlier about removing of the four portraits i love that move i love that move that is that is the that is uh you see really winding up there they were all democrats uh how does that not legitimize the call from democrats to remove those statues as being anything but bipartisan we are willing to accept that people who were democrats 160 years ago were uh treasonous to this country and also represented the literal ownership of human beings we're fighting on behalf of the ownership of human beings when you wonder why eight percent of high school students don't know that the confederate fought to protect slavery

Part of it could be that we venerate these people and who would possibly venerate people who initiated a war that killed a half a million people to maintain an economic system that was predicated on the ownership of human beings.

Why would you have a statue to those people.

Why would you have a statue to those people well the answer is by mistake so let's rectify that mistake even if they were democrats but i love how mccarthy makes that turn like i give you this is like the scopes trial removing of the four portraits of speakers in the hall the same answer goes for that as well they were all democrats what's interesting the statues that need to be removed were sent to the capitol by states that were majority controlled by democrats sent to a house that had a majority controlled by democrats accepting of these statues.

I think the bill should go further.

Maybe it's time the democrats change the name of their party they may be desperate to pretend their party has progressed from their days of supporting slavery pushing jim crow laws or supporting the kkk.

* Transcript created via YouTube closed captions
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