Got a Big card Puenwyn Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | Legendary Orchid complete | DML

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Today i got a big (150 piece) of Puenwyn dragon and also hatched the Orchid dragon also complete chapter 4 in double trouble battle,
8 Feb - 8 Mar: Dragon Board!
Roll the dice and move around the board to unlock chests and collect dragons in the main event of the Origin of Plant
Double Trouble Battles : collect Ancient Tickets and unlock the final reward, the epic Ox Dragon
Collection Events
By hatching Dragons during the Ancient Event you'll be able to complete special Collection Events to earn yourself even more dragon rewards
Below are the Plant ancient dragons that you'll be able to collect from Light Element Ancient event
Foroskke Dragon
Puenwyn Dragon
Íosghar Dragon
Íoshan Dragon

Below are the other dragons
Laser Hammer Dragon
Orange Wing Dragon
Ox Dragon
Peach Dragon (Legendary)
Garden Dragon (Legendary)
Bionic Dragon (Epic)
Ratatoskr Dragon (Epic)
Northern Dragon (Rare)
Potion dragon
splotch dragon
Historical dragon

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Got Big a card Puenwyn Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | Legendary Orchid complete | DML

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