GW2 | Top 5 PvP/WvW Plays #1 - INSANE Dragonhunter Play

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Welcome to the first installment of my Top 5 Plays series! In this video I showcase other players and their top Guild Wars 2 plays. Out of all the submissions I received I chose the clips made by Dragonbane, Acro, TheRedX, Flor and Thomastorm. I hope you enjoy!

Thomastorm’s YouTube channel:

► Submit your own clips to top5gw2@ ◄

Include in the email:
- What you want to be called by during the video.
- Your in-game name (like , for example) so that I can send you gold.

- Email to: top5gw2@
- Turn camera shake off in the settings.
- Clips cannot be longer than 120 seconds/2 minutes.
- Do not edit the clips in any way.
- Footage must be from yourself.
- Please send some high quality/clutch/skillful/interesting clips.
- Clips can be from anything PvP related! Think duels, PvP Conquest, WvW Roaming, WvW zergbusting, etc.
- No GvG’s and zerg fights.
- By sending me your clips you agree to me posting them to my YouTube channel
- Submit a WeTransfer, Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox link of your recording.
- Please double-check whether the link you send me can be accessed by anyone with the link. Also double-check whether I am able to download the file.

- The top player of that week will get around 50 gold! I am poor and trying my best

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1) Chevry All Stars - Le Monstre Du Lockdown

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