HALLOWEEN REDRAW! Drawing YOUR Supernatural Creatures in MY Style

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Once a month the incredibly skilled artists of the PopCross Community draw art based off the prompt for the month. Because October is HALLOWEEN month, the spookiest month of the year, the theme for the month was SUPERNATURAL.

Hundreds of artists and illustrators sent in their designs for creatures and heroes and monsters that fit under the supernatural prompt. We had robot jack-o-lanterns, cave dwelling demons, werewolves, hell hounds, grim reapers, ghosts and every kind of cool Halloween-y beast you can imagine. I took 9 and redrew them in my style and they were all a BLAST!!!

The art for this was all done digitally, but I have started doing more traditional art on this channel as well.

Happy Halloween to all and I can't wait to see what everyone sends in for the November community redraw. Theme is announced at the end of this video!

To Submit to a PopCross Community Redraw (Which has a different theme each month usually announced at the end of the previous months Community Redraw episode) You can either send art to the Characters-for-Pop channel in the Discord linked below
Or send it by email to popcrossanimations@

Also I put a lot of my art on instagram, sometimes stuff I don't show on the channel so check it out:

Anyway, Don't know what your fascination is with reading the description, but your still here I guess! So Here are some links to my favourite episodes of this channel!

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