Hands Off! 10 Animals You Should Run Away From!

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Hands Off! 10 Animals You Should Run Away From!

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10 Animals You Should Run Away From!Some animals are completely harmless, then there are these guys. Today we will be talking about 10animals you should definitely run away from. Number one is a surprising entry so I suggest you staytuned to find out what it 10. The Mute SwanMute swans are big and beautiful birds, too big and beautiful for our own good. The birds are one of thelargest waterfowl in North America and Europe, weighing up to 28lbs and with a wing span of up They are among the heaviest flying birds in the ’s perhaps because we find them so attracting that people have the tendency to get as close to themas possible, sometimes with nightmarish results. Because, despite their quiet and graceful appearance,they are one of the most aggressive birds in the the nesting season, male and female swans zealously guard their nests from who they perceiveas predators which, unfortunately, includes us humans. When someone gets too close to their nests,they will first try intimidation tactics; swimming unusually fast towards anybody who approaches, withtheir necks curved and wings half raised. If intimidation doesn’t work, then they resort to violence,attacking with their huge and powerful wings. There have been documented attacks on humans that areso severe, it resulted into fatal on humans are thankfully rare, but it’s best not to approach these majestic birds for any 9. The RaccoonThe raccoon is definitely an animal that you are familiar with. If you reside in areas where they also live,chances are your garbage cans have been raided by one of these bandits a few times. They are highlyadaptable animals and can even survive in urban areas, mostly by living off the scraps that you throwaway. They are known for their beautiful dense, grey fur and dark facial mask. Although it’s primarilynocturnal, it’s not uncommon for you to see them gamboling around during the daytime as very rare instances, they can be kept as pets, but I highly advise you to refrain from it. Their extremelycurious nature propels them to search for food everywhere. This behavior leads to damage of yourproperties. They destroy plants and dig out garden or lawn. They also have the tendency o attack yourother of course the raccoon didn’t make it to this list because of that, oh no. It’s because they also poseinherent danger to humans. Though direct attack from raccoons on humans is a rare case, but they dohappen occasionally. The bad news is, they are known carriers of rabies, and you don’t need me toexplain why you wouldn’t want to contract the 8. The CassowaryThe cassowary is a large, flightless bird found in tropical rainforests of New Guinea and between 55 inches and 79 inches in height and up to 58 kg in weight, this amazing bird is thesecond largest living bird in the also have very long, powerful legs with sharp claws, making them possibly the most dangerous birdin the world. With their long, powerful legs, cassowaries can easily kick down other animals or also use their long, sharp claws as a weapon to rip any potential predator into pieces. Think ofthem as the modern equivalent to velociraptors, only bigger and with more to say, getting too close to one of these birds is a bad idea. Cassowaries can hit a top speed of31 miles per hour and jump up to a height of 1 meter, which basically means you probably won’t be ableto outrun them even if you wanted 7. The Slow LorisPositively cute and fuzzy, the slow loris is one of the rarest primates in the world. It is a nocturnalprimate that moves very slowly, hence its name. They have large, front facing eyes and strong handsthat give excellent grip while climbing the look so adorable that I won’t be surprised if most of you would want to keep one as a , it is an extremely poisonous creature. In fact, it is the only living poisonous primate have poison glands on the sides of their elbows, which release a foul smelling, toxic fluid wheneverthey feel threatened. They would then lick some poison from the gland and mix it with its saliva and bitethe one who disturbed it. This poison could cause allergic reactions and even anaphylactic 6. The Poison Dart FrogPoison dart frogs are among the most colorful creatures on Earth. They live in tropical forests of Centraland South America.
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