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Happy Birthday Song & more nursery rhymes and kids songs by Dave and Ava!

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Check out this nursery rhymes collection if your little ones love singing along to Happy Birthday song, dancing with Dave and Ava, hopping with little bunnies, playing with cute little kittens and other animals that live on the farm. Enjoy your nursery rhymes time!

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00:19 Happy Birthday Song
03:21 Brush Your Teeth
05:58 Ice Cream Song
10:02 Looby Loo
12:05 Sleeping Bunnies
14:39 Hop a Little, Jump a Little
16:50 Farmer Brown`s Cow
19:13 Five Little Firemen
23:05 Brother John
25:25 Skidamarink
27:07 Five Little Kittens Jumping on the Bed

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