Hardwire Supernatural - Supernova Preset

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Welcome back to , today we're exploring another new preset from the Hardwire Supernatural Ambient Verb. The Supernova Preset is a complex, long decay reverb with a present flanging effect and hints of upper octave in the mix. Like all the custom Lexicon algorithms found in the Hardwire Supernatural, the Supernova Preset produces different results for different styles, which keeps your sound ever-changing and unpredictable. Increasing the pedal's Liveliness pushes the flange effect out in the mix and brightens the tails of the reverb. Whether placed in front of your amp or in an effects loop, the USA made Supernatural is widely versatile with a Mix control capable of 100% wet and stereo inputs and outputs. For seamless transitions, you can select buffered tails or keep your signal untouched in true bypass mode.
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