HITMAN 2 - Remote EMP Charge Unlocking Guide | Complete All 3 + 1 Mission Story Challenges in Mumbai

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Hitman 2 Remote EMP Charge Unlocking Guide Complete 3 Mission Stories in Mumbai Silent Assassin,
Complete All 3 Mission Story Challenges in Mumbai , first mission challenge is:
1. "Picture Perfect" A missing cast member and a pending photo Arthur, a famous brodway star, is apparently late for a photo shoot inside Rangan's unfinished tenement tower.
2. "Broad Strokes" A rival assassin. a local hitman known as The Kashmirian is in Mumbai on business. He set up a sniper nest in a tower above a stairwell in the local chawl. It appears he's targeting the luxury apartment belonging to Dawood Rangan.
3. "A Dress to Die For" A tailor, a Slum Queen and a appears Vanya Shah is in the market for a dress fit for a queen. She's sent after a local tailor but from some reason the man refuses to know what to do 47.
4. The BONUS mision story, "A Close Shave" The Barber and The Maelstrom, this barber is tamgled up in some shady business, 47 .But even more interesting, he may have seen a picture of The Maelstrom in the hideout of the street gang known as the Crows or on Rangan's desk office.

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