How to Crack Google Interview?

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In this video, Parikh talks to two incoming SDE at Google, one of the most aspired workplaces for software developers worldwide. Parikh asks them how they prepared and cracked their google interview.
Suryansh Gupta is Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Shibpur final year student, and he has interned at Microsoft and Directi. He also a Candidate Master (1984) on Codeforces and 5 Star coder on Codechef.
Chirag Gupta is an IIT Guwahati final year student who has interned at Google and Samsung. He has also received Aditya Birla Scholarship.

LinkedIn Profile of Suryansh:
LinkedIn Profile of Chirag:

1:03 Introduction of Suryansh
1:20 Introduction of Chirag
2:06 How did you start preparation for interviews in College?
5:02 How Chirag got the interview call from Google
6:09 How Suryansh got the interview call from Google
6:37 Google Interview Process
9:41 Topics covered in the Interview
10:19 Their Future Plans after getting offers from Google
11:35 How it feels to be a part of Google?

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