How to Embed Pinterest Feed Widget on Blogger (2021)

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Add Pinterest widget to Blogger site in several seconds -

Pinterest Feed is the best free means to display Pinterest pins directly on your website. Grow your conversion and increase the number of Pinterest followers.


• Switchable number of followers, image, follow button, and name.
• Adaptable header, height, and width.
• Regular updates.
• Follow button in the header.

How to add Pinterest Feed to Blogger website?

To add our plugin, view the actions from the clear instruction:

1. Generate and customize the widget;
2. Copy your personal code which will appear the notification window;
3. Display the copied code on the website.

Check how to embed Blogger Pinterest Board by clicking the link below -

Best Pinterest widget examples:

Example 1: Pinterest Profile - the most trendy and a common variant of the widget.
Example 2: Boards Gallery - a set of boards in the form of a personalizable grid.
Example 3: Pins Gallery - an excellent variant if you need to create a selection of pins.

Here’s how simple it is to add Pinterest Board to Blogger! If you want to learn more about widget templates, configs, and benefits, you can contact our experienced Support team. They’ll eagerly help you!
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