HUGE CHANGES and TIER LIST for Patch 11.6 - League of Legends

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League of Legends Patch Changes and Best Champions!
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In today's guide we run you through all the changes for the LoL Patch for League of Legends in Season 11. We also include a tier list for the best champions to play this patch. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest updates and guides for League of Legends!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Shurelya's Buff
1:07 Ludens Tempest Buff
1:27 Sunfire Aegis Buff
1:46 Rabadon's Deathcap Buff
1:55 Immortal Shieldbow Buff
2:30 Liandry's Anguish Buff
2:54 Ironspike Whip Adjustment
3:05 Teleport Adjustment
3:33 Smite Buff
3:40 Gromp Buff
3:59 Stridebreaker Nerf
4:17 Sterak's Gage Nerf
4:40 BOTRK Adjustment
5:01 Seeker's Armguard Nerf
5:21 Verdant Barrier Nerf
5:42 Void Staff Nerf
5:58 Fleet Footwork Nerf
6:12 Ravenous Hunter Nerf
6:38 Urgot Nerf
7:11 Renekton Nerf
7:35 Gnar Nerf
7:52 Top Lane Tier List
8:42 Hecarim Nerf
9:22 Xin Zhao Adjustments
11:13 Lillia Nerf
11:43 Karthus Nerf
12:02 Volibear Buff
12:22 Jungle Tier List
12:53 Akali Adjustments
14:20 Sylas Buff
14:50 Leblanc Buff
15:06 Mid Lane Tier List
15:45 ADC Tier List
16:34 Pyke Buff
16:53 Support Tier List
17:15 Thanks for Watching!

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