I got the Starcraft 2: Covert Ops DLC Speedrun World Record! [Speedrun Showcase]

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The Heart of the Swarm speedrun is quite different from WoL. The focus is largely on the absurd variety of Kerrigan's abilities. If Wings of Liberty was speedrunning, HotS is more like doing sweet tricks on a skateboard while racing.

If you want to see the full run you can check out the unedited vod on my second channel:

Intro - 0:00
The Escape - 0:10
Sudden Strike - 2:58
Enemy Intelligence - 3:38
Trouble in Paradise - 5:47
Night Terrors - 7:45
Flashpoint - 9:44
In the Enemy's Shadow - 10:29
Dark Skies - 11:42
End Game - 12:41
Conclusion - 14:49
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