Indigenous leader slams 'activist' school curriculum proposal

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Indigenous leader Warren Mundine has criticised the proposed new national curriculum claiming it seeks to divide people based on skin colour and promotes a victim mentality among Indigenous people.

The proposed changes would replace teaching about the rights to free speech with lessons about European colonisation as an invasion and critical race theory.

Mr Mundine said children should not be exposed to activism in schools and the curriculum must acknowledge the “incredible advancements” which have occurred in the last half century.

He rejected the idea that white people were “evil and oppressors” and people of colour were “their victims”.

“I was brought up not to believe that I was a victim. I was always brought up to be a part of a great Australian nation,” he said.

“We are a great nation. We are not a racist nation.

“Every nation at its foundation has some bad and good in it and we need to acknowledge the bad and good but also recognise the incredible advancements we have made in the last 50 to 60 years.”

The national curriculum was last reviewed in 2014 and the proposals are open to public consultation and feedback until July 8.
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