Is Kara Too Powerful In Boruto Naruto Next Generations?

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From the moment Hokage Naruto faced off with Delta, the fans of Boruto Naruto Next Generations were put on notice. The series has now moved to a stage where members of Kara are seemingly powerful enough to force Naruto to use his chakra mode in battle and other members are openly arguing about who has the right to end Sasuke Uchiha's life! Even after the Boruto vs Boro fight, there still remain members of Kara, who have scientific ninja tool enhanced bodies, that can seemingly push Naruto and Sasuke to a serious battle, each with their own hax that if they catch Naruto off guard could spell serious trouble. However, has Boruto gone too far in making the new kara members this powerful or is there a legitimate reason for this!? Grab those ramen bowls as we discuss the monstrous power of Kara!
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