Kakashi, Guy & Kurenai stop Neji from KILLING Hinata, Naruto promises to beat Neji

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Hinata has to go up against Neji and Neji is putting her down saying that she is a failure and will never amount to nothing. She just should give up. But Hinata is motivated by Naruto's Ninja way and tries to make him notice her so she doesn't give up. Hinata is aggressively goin at Neji but he shows his class and gets her right in her heart which makes Hinata collaps. Hinata again stand up and Neji gets irritated and attacks her again trying to kill her after she said he has a grudge against the Main Branch of the Huyga Clan.

Kakashi, Guy & Kurenai stop Neji before he could get to Hinata and possibly kill her with the last blow. Hinata is in a dangerous state and Kurenai screams for the medics. Naruto promises to Neji that he will beat him if they ever have to go up against each other.

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