Kolleru Aqua Automatic RAS | Automatic Recirculating Aqua System | Aqua Farmer about our RAS.

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With Fewer Efforts and Low Investments you can get High of our Customer Mr. Santosh Kumar (Aqua Farmer) directly experienced results of our Automatic RAS.

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In Santosh Kumar (Aqua Farmer) words about Kolleru Aqua and Automatic RAS.

Namaste!, My name is Santosh Kumar. For the last 5 years, I am cultivating fish in Pond Culture. I used to acquire 4 tons to 5 tons of yield in 2 acres. There were not many profits in the pond culture due to the occurrence of insufficient water in ponds etc. Then I got to know about Kolleru Aqua and contacted them. With their modernized equipment called, the RAS system was installed in confined space. In pond culture, it used to take 8 months to get the yield, but here in RAS within 6 Months I am fetching the yield. As we used organic methods, Fish looks very healthy and Active. In brief "Fewer Efforts, Low investment and High Returns". Thank you Kolleru Aqua.

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