Like Miami Condo Collapse Typical Concrete Spalling Damge

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In light of the Champlain Towers South Miami Condo collapse 40 minutes south of us, I wanted show you an example of what occurs at many condos here in FL, which is apathy and neglect. Like that Miami Condo Collapse, this video shows you what is typical concrete spalling Damage or similar that occurs at concrete buildings everywhere.

This14 year old condo has spalling all over the place on the concrete patio slabs, many of them exposing the rusty rebar. I bought a condo unit in this building when it was built in 2007, and 2014 I sold my condo unit because I did not want to be a landlord anymore, and the grounds were in terrible shape from gross mismanagement. I informed the HOA about the cracks I spotted on my patio and my neighbor's patio in this 7 year old building at the time, but don't know if they ever fixed it. We saw numerous concrete slabs all over the complex that were spalling, and sloppy workmanship on the concrete sidewalks, columns, and fire sprinkler chases.
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