Mark My Words! Sept 27, 2020 - Piedmont Drift

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In this episode I return to Piedmont Drift just in time for the release of 2 new track sections. Ryan and the Piedmont Drift crew re-introduce a revamped Boss/Advanced circuit from the early days of Piedmont Drift and also open up a new section of pavement for use as a test run skidpad.

The new changes have definitely rounded this location out to be an even better event, to provide something for every skill level! This should provide more seat time for all, as well as provide a variety of challenge levels from beginner to advanced.

If you are interested in drifting or coming out to watch, these are affordable grass roots level events that are normally held monthly in Julien, NC at the Piedmont Dragway. Be sure to watch the Piedmont Drift Facebook page for the latest news and events. Details on dates and cost are updated on the "Piedmont Drift" Face Book page. Huge shout out to Ryan Deavers and crew for putting on these events. Keep on being amazing!

In other news, videos with RalyGrl will resume as soon as Rally events are back on the schedule. Keep an eye on the "Wrenching With Woody" YouTube channel for more footage from the RalyGrl and Piedmont Drift events as they resume.

I'm still not back to full time posting, but I'm venturing back in slowly. Thanks for bearing with me!

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All music, audio and video are my original work/creation.
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