Metal Slug 6 Remastered (PS5) - ALL SECRETS Speedrun Level-8 No Death (4K)

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Metal Slug 6 Enhanced Remaster - PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Difficulty: Level-8 (Super Hard)
100% All Secrets Revealed Speed Run, including all the routes and prisoners (some are removed in the PS4/PS5 built)

Do note that this is the original built for Metal Slug 6 Playstation exclusive, not Metal Slug Anthology. Played on the PlayStation 5 with enhanced graphics plus the new controller Dualsense. Recorded through an Elgato Game Capture card in 4K.

Unlike on the PS4 Pro, PS5 Game Boost is enabled by default. This means you don't have to do anything to enjoy your PlayStation 4 games at their very best on the PlayStation 5. However, you will need to ensure you install the latest system software update as well as any game-specific patches to get the most out of your titles.

METAL SLUG 6, the 6th installment in the famous run-and-gun action shooting series, returns to the battlefield on PlayStation®5 with a plethora of brand new features! In addition to the classic dot-pixel graphics being upscaled to 1080p and additional 4k resolution support, this “remastered” port of METAL SLUG 6 is fully functional with DUALSENSE game controllers, including vibration support to make the heated battle feel even more hectic, and fan-favorite voice samples played through the controller’s speaker during the release of POWs and other in-game events. METAL SLUG 6 also offers a variety of secrets for the players to go discover, as well as newly implemented Trophies for those who love a good challenge! In addition to the six characters found in the original release.

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