Monster School vs Bad Guys : Hidden Boss 1 - Epic Fight Minecraft Animation

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✔️ Monster schools always do good deeds to protect everyone. But that makes the bad guys unhappy. So the bad guys are always looking for ways to attack the monster school. This time they captured a skeleton girl to put Herobrine and his students in the trap they had set.

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Music Credit :

At_Rest_Romance, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod () licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License

Screams Of Frustration, Scream Noooh! by Jorickhoofd ()

Deep Hit by Geronimogeronimo ()

Blizzard Fx Anime 80S Cheesy by Bulbastre ()

Angry by Qubodup ()

What The (Bleep)! by Zacmakesloudnoises ()

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