【My first love】Boys are girls’ first love, so be careful when kissing!! | Romanic Chinese Drama

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Synopsis **********
Chinese students' National Swimming Championship is going to begin. After three years’ prepare, Tang Yibai (Xiong Ziqi) return on this competition. Everyone has high hopes for him, and Tang Yibai also works hard to re-pursue his own dreams. Before the competition, he meet a intern reporter – Yun Duo (Tan Songyun). Yun Duo learned Tang Yibai’s past and dream, support him without reservation.
Yun Duo rented a room, the house is belong to Tang Yibai’s mother (Zhao Qian), but she and Tang Yibai didn’t know it before. They found each other's identity occasionally, then contact more frequently, gradually have feeling to each other. Even if there are a lot of obstacles, Tang Yibai still did not leave Yun Duo. And in the encouragement of Yun Duo, friend and the coach, Tang Yibai finally made a dream of the results, to a higher level of the competition.
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