New Hathaway Trailer, GGG Kamille, Metal Robot Barbs Lupus, Gundam X Police, and More [Gundam News]

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This Ain't The End Of Me by White Comic
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➥Metal Robot Damashii Barbatos Lupus PV:
➥Episode 1 of Gundam Build Real (w/ english subs):
00:00 Intro
00:13 Hathaway’s Flash Second Trailer
01:51 Gundam Build Fight Real’s First Episode
04:31 New Gundam Markers
05:50 Metal Robot Damashii Barbatos Lupus
07:08 GGG Kamille Bidan
07:43 Metal Build Gundam Crossbone X3
08:40 HGUC AoZ Reboot Barzam [Titans or ReZeon Colors]
09:46 Gundam Base Limited Kits
11:44 Metal Build F91 Chronicle Ver.
11:59 Gunpla Package Art Collection Series 7 Wafers
12:12 RX-78-2 joins the Police Force
12:58 Gunpla Recycling Project
14:42 Gundam Café Gundam Pilot Retsuden
15:19 Fighting the Federation with Food at the Zeon Diner
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