New king Aquarium Complete shop Tour - Festival offer on all Fish

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New King aquarium store visiting biggest Aquarium fish shop store in Bangalore available so many types of Fish like Glow fish , Cichlids monster fishes alligator , discus fish , Tetra , danios , sharks , gourami fish , goldfish and many more
Festival offer buy anything and get 10% discount on all live and dry items

Contact store person
97427 86429
Building New Airport Road, Yelhanka,Banglore_64

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Some best selected items for your fish Silicon sealent gum gun 220 Rs.

Silicon Dow Corning gum for Aquarium 160 Rs.

Top filter for 3 feet or feet tank @899

Internal filter for or 3 feet tank

Sobo wp- 100m wave maker 450 Rs

Battery operated air pump for 200

Aquarium heater from 1 to feet

Aquarium heater for to feet

Aquarium heater for to 4 feet

Best air pump for Aquarium for 195
Best thermometer for any Aquarium for 190Rs
Cheapest thermometer at 130Rs for any Aquarium

Planted soil 3L for 675 Rs

Co2 100 tablets for 492 Rs

Live plants seeds for 140 Rs

Best food for Betta ,angel ,teras, danios & guppies

To breed danios angel and Betta feed this one

Best food for goldfish, koi ,sharks Molly's & gouramis

Best food for cichlids Oscar ,parrot fish ,and all

Best food for flowerhorn

Best food for arowana

Best food for dark colour parrot , flowerhorn or any fish

Best holiday food for turtles and any fishes
Best food for turtles

Sinking pellets food

Some important medicine for fish Aquarium salt at 180Rs

3in1 medicine can cure all fish diseases
Bactonil liquid Blue liquid
Best Water conditioner
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