NEW MONEY MAKING APP Tapestri????/ JUNE COUPONING REVIEW-How I track, how much products & final cost

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Super excited to share with you this new app this is going to be launching soon and an easy way for us to make some extra money every month. Tapestri app will be launching soon and is going to pay users just for collecting their anonymous data. All the apps and website are already collecting data from you so I think it’s amazing we are now going to get paid.
If you like to take advantage of the free 12 months you can sign up as an affiliate and pay $ for one month and receive 12 months for free. This offer is only good in beta phase before the app launches.

Info about Tapestri

Let’s also dive in to the month of June for couponing. How I track all my couponing at Walgreens, cvs, rite aid, Walmart Ibotta hauls, Kroger couponing etc. how much in product i coupons for in June, what my cost was at each store, how I keep track and what my final cost was for everything.

Money savings rebate apps have made so much difference in my couponing. If you aren’t using the rebate apps download them for free and use my referral code to receive a welcome bonus ❤️

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If you’d like to learn how to use fetch rewards, Ibotta, swagbucks or Shopkick check out this playlist of videos with tutorials on each app.
I walk you through how to find offers, how to submit offers, how to cash out and what to do if you are missing a rebate.

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