[OLD WR] Super Mario 64 120 Star Speedrun in 1:38:28

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Nearly 8 years ago I started grinding Super Mario 64 Speedruns and I had been close to grabbing the 120 star world record multiple times, but had to stop for various reasons. It feels so good to finally have landed the throws and beat the world record by 15 seconds with a 1:38:28!

As of 1/28/21, the record was beaten by Cheese with a 1:38:25.

Watch live on twitch (streams usually start around 2/3pm cst):

SM64 speedrunning has done so much for me and without it I would be lost. Thank you to everyone who supports me and allows me to pursue my passions full-time. Without you all I would've never have been able to push this hard to get the 120 star WR.

My plan moving forward is to try implementing some new strategies into my speedrun and try to shave the time down even lower. I think that a 1:37 would be the ultimate 120 star speedrun and I would love to be the first one to break a minute barrier.

Also shoutouts to /r/Livestreamfails and /r/gaming for getting the clip of my family celebrating the new WR and getting me some reddit clout. THANKS


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