"Platincoin English Presentation" 02/2020

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Founded in Switzerland in 2016, PLATINCOIN was first listed on the crypto exchange in 2018 and has now been on the market for more than three years. During this time, PLATINCOIN has amassed more than 500,000 users, and with the help of them has now achieved more than 5000% growth! At the beginning, you could get PLC at 10¢ per coin. Today, it is freely traded on exchanges at a stable rate of €5 per coin. We have offices in many countries. So, by joining PLATINCOIN, you’ll get the chance to work worldwide in more than 120 countries!
PLATINCOIN’s mission is to create an affordable digital currency for everyone and give them the chance to generate a high income using blockchain technology. This means that everyone can make money without any special technical knowledge, and it works regardless of age, level of education, and social class. The idea is to become the most common and popular cryptocurrency coin and to guarantee unlimited freedom in minting, storing, transfering, and, above all, making a profit from cryptocoins. This is an opportunity that we present to you here today.
In addition to real technology, other factors must also be interconnected to make the cryptocurrency a success.

Blockchain technology has the same potential as the Internet 20 years ago, and even Apple and well-known banks are already working on programming their own blockchain technology.

PLATINCOINis ready. The community currently has 500,000 users, and the number is increasing every day. We have the complete infrastructure already in place, and the financial market is developing as never before, is developing more than ever. If you bring money to the bank today, you’ll not receive any notable interest. Here, on the other hand, with PLATINCOIN, you’ll have the prospect of making a profit of up to 30% on the invested coins. And this is just one example…
In addition to blockchain technology, PLATINCOIN is also launching other products. We already have crypto ATMs, POS terminals, debit cards, PLC Secure Box, and a PLC farm that’s used for minting. PLATINCOIN has even launched our own trading platform where you can buy goods online and pay for them using PLATINCOIN. What’s more, there are even brand-new vending machines that allow you to pay directly with PLATINCOIN: you can buy mineral water, chocolate, coffee, or even ice cream! And remember, all these products aren’t just a vision of the future; everything already exists in the here and now! LATINCOIN is listed on the CoinMarketCap and was listed on many crypto exchanges.
The starting price was 10¢, and now PLATINCOIN is selling for €5. Many of our partners have already been able to feel how the coin has grown, and in the future, when the coin continues to grow, this will bring the owners of platincoins the more joy the earlier they purchased them. This is an unparalleled increase of 5000%!
On the crypto exchange, PLATINCOIN is stable at a price of €5. PLATINCOIN isn’t fluctuating like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We have the opportunity to start with a stable coin, with a stable rate of €5. This will save your nerves and keep your wallet happy.
Soon, a global cryptocurrency trading platform will appear. Well-known companies like Ebay, Amazon, and Spotify, as well as Ali Express and Alibaba, who cover Asia, are already involved. In the future, you’ll be able to buy goods from these companies using PLATINCOIN. Indeed, it has never been so easy to do everything with just one coin.
One of the products we offer is an absolute innovation in blockchain technology: PLC-minting.
If blockchain transactions are confirmed, users who store your platincoins in your farm thereby maintaining a market deficit will be rewarded with additional coins from the blockchain.

This is how your profit is generated.

This is the opportunity you have today with the app on your smartphone. You have the chance to regularly, reliably, and consistently earn a passive income, which you are then free to use as you choose.

Once again: for all coins: 30 percent annually for 10 years! Great isn’t it? Yes! I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that that’s a fantastic return!
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