Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Recruit em all Speedrun in 67:35:56 (Part 4)

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Edit: I've now created a Pastebin for questions that you might be wondering about the run! Took me 2 full revisions because when I first tried it the Pastebin got deleted but now it should work here:

Alright, I finally got around to completing this category for the third time. I came into this knowing 2 new differences compared to last time: Timing on the leaderboard is now ranked by gameplay time with allotted breaks and not pure RTA (although it's still on there regardless) and that I had a lot of time to save on Mew, the 2 fish, and not grinding Howling Forest. Thanks to that knowledge I still managed to save 4 hours over my previous gameplay time (about 71 hours) and an hour over my previous RTA (99 hours). Some of my highlights of this run gameplay-wise included:
-Really good item luck early on with Pierce Band, X-Ray Specs, etc.
-Saving 2 hours on getting 3/4 of the fish
-Really good Legendary Recruit luck for the most part
-Generally saved time on most parts of recruit spam
-Got all the evolutionary stones I needed from both Solar Cave and Wish Cave pretty easily
-Probably the best item luck I've ever seen in Purity Forest

However, this run was supposed to be 4 days this time with the knowledge I'd gotten from the past 2 and extra routing, but no recruit em all run is without its fair share of problems:
-Didn't get Skarmory's friend area early so I lost about 2-3 hours trying to get it / level it up later
-Mew took 4 complete visits of Buried Relic (got on 94F of 4th visit)
-Didn't get Pidgey nor Exeggcute
-Wish Cave was an absolute nightmare, 3 deaths and killed my morale
-Generally just playing a bit slower than before (worse any% time, took a bit longer to get through 99F's than usual, etc.)

All in all this run definitely had some good and bad, meaning I'll likely return once more to this category to leave it when satisfied. Still glad I ended up finishing and getting a PB, and I have to say if it wasn't for the change in timing method I'd probably have lost my mind. -- Watch live at
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