Portal 2's Unluckiest Speedrun

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Everybody gets bad luck from time to time, but how is it possible that bad luck can destroy what appears to be a perfect world record speedrun?

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Music used (in order):
Portal Stories: Mel OST (@Harry101UK ) - Troubled Water [funnel]
Portal 2 OST - Robot Waiting Room #3
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - Sepia Tone Laboratory
Portal 2 OST - You Are Not Part of the Control Group
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - Cider Time

Videos referenced:
Various Can't Even/Msushi videos
"Worst Kind of RNG" ()

Thanks to attmayMB, baister09, Can't Even, and jrstan for helping with the video creation process.

This video is not an actual speedrun world record, nor a speedrun tutorial. This video is a showcase/storytelling of an unlucky world record speedrun, explaining the speedrun strategy and various tricks, glitches and bugs that made the speedrun possible. This video is very similar to my "How Speedrunners " videos, but with a storytelling twist.

This video is weird to me in the sense that I refer to myself in the third person and that I didn't use my signature ducktales ending. I also hate the fact that this video could unironically be titled "SPEEDRUN GONE WRONG!??!"
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