Portal's Most Insane Speedrun Skip

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Usually, the first level of a speedrun is pretty boring. But in Portal, the most impressive skip happens within the first minute of the

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Music used (in order):
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - 9-bit Expedition
Boneworks OST (@Michael Wyckoff) - Analog Sunrise
Portal OST - Android Hell
Portal 2 OST - Robot Waiting Room #4
Baba Is You OST - Baba Is You Theme
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - It's Not Supposed To Be Snowing
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - Light Pollution
Ducktales (NES) - The Moon Theme

Videos referenced:
@SourceRuns "Portal Done Inbounds - 9:17 - Segmented WR"
@Jukspa "New Save Glitch Method"
@Jukspa "totally RTA viable 02 cutscene skip"
@Can't Even "Portal any% World Record Speedrun in 6:26"

Thanks to attmayMB, baister09, tenai, xeonic, and frozenflygone for helping with the video creation process.

This video is not an actual speedrun world record, nor a speedrun tutorial. This video is a showcase of a speedrun strategy that goes in-depth to the various tricks, glitches and bugs that make the strategy possible.

Fun fact, when the 00/01 radio launch was first discovered (sunsette's route), I was the first runner to get a verified world record with it!
I also made a writeup on reddit about that strat when it was discovered:

I'm not too content with the voiceover in this video - I'm a little close to my microphone at times. Sorry! I'll try to work it out for next video.
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