Reacting To The Worst Influencer SCAM That Just Got Worse...

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Destiny reacts to the massive FaZe Save The Kids crypto scam controversy involving FaZe Kay, FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Nikan, Sam Pepper, Joe Morris (JMX) covered by Coffeezilla and

Date: 3 Jul, 2021

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This MASSIVE Influencer Scam Just Got Worse… (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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0:00 - Teasers/Intro
0:20 - FaZe members suspension and termination
0:53 - Save The Kids crypto scam and what did influencers know?
3:27 - Save The Kids post-mortem article , anti-whale anti-bot mechanism
5:42 - Buying is not the same as being given coins
7:32 - People are gullible and fall so easily to pump and dump schemes
8:41 - Talking to the dev, Lucas
10:13 - Starcraft crypto drama
10:55 - Manny and H, the supposed mastermind behind Save The
12:09 - Lucas lied about the paypal email
13:40 - Why would influencers sell out their fans? Lucas wants a lawyer
16:37 - Clues in old deleted tweets, finding the deployer wallets
19:05 - FaZe Jarvis, Nikan and Kay, how do they make money?
23:14 - Faze Kay has a history of pump and dumping
25:57 - Keemstar puts out fake scapegoat theory
29:02 - FaZe Kay needs to have his credibility destroyed or else he'll do it again
32:05 - How much did they make selling out their fans?
34:15 - FaZe Kay responds
36:24 - Lucas changed the code to help them pump and dump
37:22 - Interrogating Lucas the dev
44:28 - Joe Morris AKA JMX was also involved
46:11 - Sam Pepper was also behind the scenes, the mod team

Miscommunication (INTRO SONG)

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