Red Alert Remastered Aftermath - Soviet Mission 2 - Speedrun (Hard) - Let's Make a Steal

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Command & Conquer Red Alert Remastered The Aftermath Mission World Record Speedrun Video.
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Mission 2 in the Soviet campaign of the "The Aftermath" (Retaliation) expansion.
Mission Name: FRANCE: Let's Make a Steal
Map Name: SCU42EA
Hard difficulty, Fastest game speed

Mission briefing:
Our spy has informed us of a new technology the Allied forces are developing. Stalin wishes to acquire it.

Use Volkov to steal this prototype vehicle, and make sure they will not be able to reproduce it. Destroy the production facility after stealing the plans for the vehicle, and then bring Stalin his new toy.

Do not fail us.

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Mission
2:08 Outro
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